Canobolas Air is a trusted Daikin air conditioning specialist dealer in Orange, Bathurst and surrounding Central West NSW region. In our two decades of servicing we have found Daikin to be particularly cost effective and highly reliable in the long run. Hence, we recommend Daikin to meet all of your custom air conditioning needs. We also install and provide maintenance for all of the Daikin air conditioners and air purifiers.

Daikin Ducted System Conditioning

For an aesthetically pleasing experience, Daikin offers discreet air conditioning installation options. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing living space, the tailor made solutions will make sure that once installed the only units visible indoors would be the controller, the return air and discharge grilles. You can also benefit from a variety of sleek designs for houses with limited roof space, shallow, drop or narrow ceilings. There are energy efficient and R22 retrofit capability options available also.

Daikin Split System Air Conditioning

If you’re looking to air condition a specific area or a single room in your living or working space, Daikin Split System is the perfect solution. Depending on your requirements there are a wide variety of models available in Wall Mounted and Floor Standing options. All units come with a combination of features including Reverse cycles (heating & cooling), cooling only modes, humidification, dehumidification and air purification. Along with sleek designs, some models also offer smartphone control and energy saving options.

Daikin Multi Air Conditioning

This option is a smart choice for providing air conditioning to complete houses or office spaces. Using one outdoor unit connected with multiple indoor units, you can now heat or cool as many as fourteen rooms. The greatest advantage is that each indoor unit can individually be controlled and individual room temperatures can be set to suit a variety of room sizes and designs. The indoor units come in a variety of options including Wall Mounted, Bulkhead, Ducted, Floor Standing, Ceiling Suspended or Cassette. Some models also facilitate smartphone control features.

Why Choose Daikin?

Daikin is a global leader in providing efficient air conditioning solutions for domestic and commercial usage. It is also a wise investment made by many Australian homes and workplaces. The designs are modern and the tech is engineered using smart technologies to provide people with optimum climate-controlled comfort in harsh Aussie summers, freezing winters and all seasons in between. The split system range has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program as being well suited for aesthematic and allergic patients. The units are durable, cost efficient and come with an official 5 year warranty available with the Specialist Dealer Network. Canobolas Air is one of the trusted dealers for the Orange, Bathurst and surrounding Central West NSW region.

Daikin Commercial

As a world leader in air conditioning technology, Daikin is often the first choice for many commercial projects. Whether it’s an office space, a retail or residential complex, educational, healthcare or hospitality space – there is a custom solution to meet all your requirements. A range of products are available including Split System, Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning System and Multi Split Systems to serve commercial heating and cooling requirements. 


Daikin Air Purifiers

For small indoor rooms like a kid’s play area or a family living room we recommend getting a portable air purifier from Daikin. It is  built with advanced six layer filtration technology that will help eliminate dust, bacteria, pollutants, odours and airborne allergens from the environment leaving the breathing air fresh and purified. This compact unit is ultra quiet while operating so can be used during daytime and also at nights.


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